Allowing your children or anyone's children to ride on a zip line that you built without professional help is paramount to child abuse, child endangerment, willful neglect, and gross negligence.  Remember you are responsible for your decisions. You are responsible for the outcomes.

Experiential Systems, Inc. and Adventure Rope Gear and its associates are not responsible for anything that may go wrong with your challenge course or zip line installation, trees, gear, trolleys, or related components. We are not responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur during the construction or operation of your zip line or adventure course. No warranty related to zip lines is expressed or implied by installation tips, construction guides, or by any representative of Adventure Gear LLC, including warranties of merchantability or fitness. Ensure you educate yourself on the proper installation, maintenance and use of everything related to your zip line or adventure course. Seek competent local assistance if you are unsure of how to work with trees, cable installation or maintenance. All information related to zip lines received from any representative or printed material distributed by Experiential Systems and Adventure Rope Gear is only an opinion and shall not be interpreted as expert or professional advice. Contact component manufacturers for information about warranty and use of their products.  The customer accepts full responsibility for the any and all incidents, accidents, injuries, deaths, and property damage that may and probably will occur during the building and operating of your zip line, ropes course, adventure course, climbing wall, or anything you have built using gear, equipment, or information purchased or acquired from any representative, this web site or any affiliate site or company.

Serious injury and death may occur as a result form improper use of this equipment. This equipment has been designed and manufactured for use by professionals only. Do NOT attempt to use this equipment without proper training! Inspect all equipment before each use and destroy any gear that is damaged, worn, or does not pass inspection. Any Person using these products is responsible or the proper care and maintenance of these products.


Any person using these products in any manner assumes all risks and responsibility for any damage or injury, including death, dismemberment or worse. Any litigation involving these products will be in Arizona pursuant to Arizona Law. 

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