Figure_ 8The Figure 8 Belay Device is in the shape of an 8 with one large end and one small end. This device utilities a large surface area in contact with a climbing rope to provide sufficient friction along with proper technique to be used as a belaying device or for rappelling. A figure 8 is used in conjunction with a Climbing harness and locking carabiner to keep a climber safe and control their descent or ones own descent.



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  1. Petzl Pirana Descender
    The PIRANA descender offers multiple braking options and can be installed on the rope without removing it from the harness. Designed for use with canyoning descent techniques. Learn More
  2. Belay 8- Mini Rescue 8
    As low as $17.00
    The Ballet 8 is one of the smallest and strongest mini 8's available. Equipped with Ears, it will serve as a rescue 8, personal escape device, or a regular rappel 8. Learn More
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