SteelCarabinersCarabiners are widely used in sports requiring ropework, such as ziplining, rock climbing, slacklining, caving, canyoning, and sailing, and in industrial rope access work, such as construction or window cleaning.  Carabiners used in sports tend to be lighter than carabiners used in industry. For recreational climbing, almost all carabiners are made from 7075 aluminum and are treated to a T6 temper (solution treated and then artificially aged). For zip lining, rope rescues, and industrial carabiner uses, where the weight of the carabiner is not an important factor and larger working loads are encountered, steel carabiners are commonly used. 


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  1. Liberty Steel Modified "D"
    As low as $9.96
    Liberty Modified "D" zip lining carabiners are heat-hardened to hold 50kN and nickle palted to withstand intense abuse. Screw gate, Twist Lock and our three-stage Auto lock versions give you the right tools to work and play safe. individually tested. Learn More
  2. Steel Locking D Rescue Carabiners
    As low as $40.00
    Designed to be the ultimate, general purpose rock climbing, rescue or ropes course carabiner, the CMC Rescue Steel Locking D combine CMC's experience in rescue with Omega Pacific's manufacturing expertise. Learn More
  3. Liberty Large Steel "D" Carabiner
    As low as $19.07
    Liberty Large Steel "D" Carabiner . Large gate opening (1"). Big basket! Great for clipping lots of things at once or clipping into bulky harnesses or large diameter ropes. Learn More
  4. Omega XXX-Large Steel D Carabiner
    This industrial size carabiner combines a wide gate opening and high strength, useful for attaching to rungs on aerial ladders, buckets and industrial rescue or rope access anchors points that are too big for the large rescue carabiners. Learn More
  5. Large D Twistlock -ANSI
    This Large Twistlock carabiner has a key gate opening for smooth clips and unclips. No more snagging on ziplining harnesses, cables, gear or bolts. Learn More
  6. Petzl Swivel
    As low as $71.95
    Petzl Swivel, Positioned between the rope and the load, the ball-bearing Swivel S allows the load to turn without twisting the rope. Learn More
  7. Kong X-Large Carabiner
    The Kong X-Large Carabiner is ideal for big wall and belay stations where rope management is vital. The X-Large has a large amount of clearance, leaving you plenty of room for daisy chains and ropes. Learn More
  8. Petzl OXAN Carabiner
    Rugged and compact, the OXAN carabiner is particularly suited for use in difficult conditions where weight is not an issue: setting fixed anchors, connecting to metal structures... Learn More
  9. Petzl Vulcan Carabiner
    High-strength VULCAN carabiners are designed for rescue professionals. With a large gate opening and high strength, these carabiners are ideal for setting multiple anchors where conditions are difficult and weight is not an issue. Learn More
  10. Petzl MGO Connector
    Auto-locking directional connector with very large gate opening for connection to metal structures or to large-diameter cables and bars. Learn More
  11. Liberty Steel Heavy Duty Key Lock Oval Carabiners
    Symmetrical heavy duty oval in hardened zinc plated steel. Larger size and better gate clearance than traditional oval carabiners. Keylock, catch free, gate system for enhanced safety and function. Learn More
  12. Rock Exotica Swivels
    Rock Exotica Swivels made the first high-quality swivels back in 1987 with high-efficiency bearings and machined bodies. Great for keeping rope straight and tangle free while you climb or zip line. Learn More
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