Rescue_HarnessHarnesses for builders, rescue personal, facilitators, and riggers. These harnesses are the most comfortable, most effective work harnesses to be found.  



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  1. Petzl Podium Work Seat
    The Podium work seat is a harness-mounted platform that provides a stable and comfortable seat while working in suspension. It is fully compatible with the Ropeworks harness, and may be added to the harness while the technician is suspended. Learn More
  2. Petzl Sequoia Harness
    As low as $469.95
    The SEQUOIA is a seat harness for tree care. It is designed for the arborist's comfort. The extra-wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops give excellent support. Learn More
  3. Petzl Bermude Rescue Triangle
    Petzl Bermude Rescue Triangle is designed for the rapid evacuation of victims. The Bermude is very easy to put onto a person, even in a sitting position. With its alternative attachment points, it easily adapts to all body sizes from children to adults. Learn More
  4. Petzl Falcon Rescue/Zipline Harness
    As low as $180.35
    Petzl Falcon Rescue/Zipline Harness, The two lateral attachment points transfer the weight evenly around the waistbelt for comfortable surface-supported work/ziplining Learn More
  5. Petzl AVAO Sit Work harness
    As low as $270.35
    PetzlAVAO SIT Zipline/Work harness, With a ventral attachment point that distributes the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops during suspended work Learn More
  6. Kong Eko Harness
    As low as $438.00
    Kong Eko Harness, Work and positioning harness espically designed for Fire Brigades but can be used for adventure parks, climbing and mountaineering via ferrata. Learn More
  7. Spreader Bar
    The Zip Line Spreader Bar is used in conjuction with the ARC Harness to keep the attachment points equally spread and to prevent pressure on the participant. Can also be used to help the handicapable safely go down a zipline when used along side a Fusion Learn More
  8. Torse Shoulder Strap
    Torse Shoulder Strap, The TORSE shoulder strap allows the CROLL ventral rope clamp to remain correctly positioned in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents. Learn More
  9. Petzl Newton Harness
    Fall arrest harness that is comfortable for work and easy to use. It offers ergonomic stowage of MGO connectors and has fall indicators. It is certified to North American, European and Russian standards. Learn More
  10. Petzl TOP Harness
    The TOP chest harness transforms the AVAO SIT, FALCON and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into fall arrest harnesses. The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. Learn More
  11. Petzl Sequoia Attachment Bridge
    Attachment bridge for connection to the two gated rings of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT arborist seat harnesses, to improve lateral mobility. Learn More
  12. Petzl Chest'Air
    The CHEST’AIR chest harness transforms the FALCON, FALCON MOUNTAIN, AVAO SIT and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into fall arrest harnesses. Connects simply to the harness ventral attachment point for rapid installation. Learn More
  13. Petzl Nest
    The NEST litter was developed in partnership with the French national caving rescue organization. It allows a victim to be transported horizontally, vertically or at an angle. Learn More
  14. Petzl Stef
    The STEF device joins the three connection points of the NEST litter and allows it to be easily tilted according to the terrain. Learn More
  15. Petzl Pitagor
    The PITAGOR is an evacuation triangle with shoulder straps that are easily donned and adjusted thanks to the DoubleBack self-locking buckles. Learn More
  16. Petzl Ring Open
    The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It has a wide opening that allows installation of ropes with sewn terminations. Learn More
  17. Petzl Secur Shoulder Strrap
    SECUR shoulder straps position the CROLL chest rope clamp and attach to AVAO SIT, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses. Learn More
  18. Edelrid Radialis Pro
    Can be put on in under 30 seconds!!! Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure parks. Its easy-to-use, uncomplicated design means that visitors can put it on/take it off on their own. Learn More
  19. Yates Air Lift Rescue Vest
    Air Lift Rescue Vest, The latest in victim extraction and rescue. The Air-Lift Rescue Vest brings together fast donning and rapid extraction for short haul and hoist operations. Learn More
  20. Yates RSI Rescue Triangle
    RSI Rescue Triangle, the RSI Rescue Triangle is an improvement on a classic design. The unit is adjustable enough for the largest victim, but also fits children. Learn More
  21. Yates Voyager Riggers Harness
    Wider waist pad! Voyager Riggers Harness now comes with same width waist pad as Rope Access Harness. For professional use in stage rigging and construction applications where a lightweight Class III harness with positioning rings and multiple attachment points are desired. Learn More
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