Lights for cavers and cave rescuers should be bright, long lasting, and light weight. We have been recognized as the worlds leading selller of caving headlamps, lights, and rescuer light needs. We feature a variety of top quality headlamps, cave lights and emergency light sources.  Cavers should always carry at least three sources of light, each with back up power supplies. When the lights go out and your deep underground, you'll be wishing you had another headlamp tucked away.

Caves are one of least explored ecosystems on the planet. Each year about 100 miles of new caves are discovered and mapped. Cave rescuers have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. A typical cave rescue may take 6 - 24 hours to remove an injured spelunker from the cave environment.


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  1. Petzl TIKKINA® Headlamp

    Petzl TIKKINA® Headlamp

    The TIKKINA headlamp is perfect for proximity lighting, whether camping, in a hut or in a pinch. Its small size and wide beam make it an excellent everyday headlamp. Learn More

  2. Petzl Tikka+ Headlamp

    Petzl Tikka+ Headlamp

    The TIKKA + headlamp meets the need for versatility during outdoor activities: proximity lighting, lighting for travel (100 lumens, 45 meters). Learn More

  3. Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp

    Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp

    Both durable and extremely powerful at 760 lumens, the ULTRA RUSH rechargeable headlamp is the lighting solution designed for intense, demanding activities. Learn More

  4. Petzl Duo Headlamp

    Petzl Duo Headlamp

    Hybrid light source to adapt the lighting level to the action:Halogen lighting with adjustable beam. Learn More

  5. Petzl TIKKA XP Headlamp

    Petzl Tikka XP Headlamp

    The Tikka XP headlamp is designed for all scenarios encountered during outdoor activities. With its multi-beam, it offers comfortable proximity lighting, allows movement, and provides long-range vision. Learn More

  6. Petzl Spelios Headlamp

    Petzl Spelios Headlamp

    The SPELIOS caving helmet consists of an ELIOS CLUB helmet with attached DUO LED 14 headlamp. This helmet is suited for cavers and canyoneers looking for a complete, durable and comfortable solution. Learn More

  7. Petzl Vertex Best Duo LED 14

    Petzl Vertex Best Duo LED 14

    Two powerful light sources to choose from according to the activity halogen light source for focused, long-range lighting, 14 LEDs for wide beam proximity lighting with 3 lighting levels (optimum, maximum, economic). Learn More

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